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Yuk Cuisine Introduction

Yuk Cuisine won the  Bronze Award in Chinese Cuisine for Eat and Travel Weekly in 2019. Since then, our restaurant has been striving hard to maintain good quality of Chiu Chow style of food for our customers. Our chefs always emphasize on the freshness of the ingredients and insist on cooking with fabulous hometown taste. The finely prepared dishes together with the fragrant Chinese tea or fine wine under decent environment of our restaurant surely would make your patronage unforgettable.


Moon cake



Yuk Cuisine Menu

ChiuChow cuisine is well known for its seafood and vegetarian dishes. Its use of flavouring is much less heavy-handed than most other Chinese cuisines and depends much on the freshness and quality of the ingredients for taste and flavour. As a delicate cuisine, oil is not often used in large quantities and there is a relatively heavy emphasis on poaching, steaming and braising, as well as the common Chinese method of stir-frying

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