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There was an old Chinese saying that the moon is much brighter and more attactive in our homeland. Likewise, indigenous food made from ourhomeland in Chiu Chow are more delicious and palatable in the eyes of our fellow Chiuchownese. Our food procurement team normally would visit virtually everywhere in Chiu Chow with a view to obtaining the best local food to serve our  valued customers. To name a few, they include various meat balls, marinated goose livers and various dumplings etc. Meanwhile, our team would strive to ensure the prompt delivery of the food stuff to HK to up-keep their freshness.

These food ingredients matching with the remarkable cooking skill of our chefs, each and every dish is finely prepared with fabulous hometown taste to suit our customers. Furthermore, the attractive outlook of the delicious food with the unique taste makes your patronage unforgettable. Taste is a memory which not only retrieves your hometown taste but also retrieves your wonderful hometown feeling by tasting our dishes in Yuk Cuisine.

Yuk Cuisine has set up an eye-catching advertisement light box at Russell Street, Causeway Bay, just opposite the Time Square. This is one of the most hustle and bustle areas in HK with top rate commercial rents in the world.

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