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Chiu Chow Signature Dishes


Chiu Chow Sauteed Vegetable & Shrimps


Quick-Fried Sliced Squid


Deep-Fried Fish Balls with Spices


Deep-Fried Bombay Duck Fishes with Spices


Deep-Fried Sliver Fishes with Spices


Fried Eggs with Preserved Turnip & Minced Pork


Deep-Fried Rolls with Dried Blackmoss


Deep-Fried Shrimp Balls & Crab Rolls


Chiu Chow Jersey Cudweed Dumplings (Green Beans) (Home Made)


Chiu Chow Santeed Preserved Pork with Cauliflowers  


Dried Shrimp Potato Dumplings (Home Made)


Chive Dumplings (Home Made)


Teochew Peach-Shaped Dumplings (Home Made) Seasonal


Taro Cake (Home Made)


Cheng Hai Pork Jerky (Home Made)

Puning Fried Bean Curd


Fried Eggs with Bombay Duck Fishes


Fried Eggs with Turnip


Fried Eggs with Loofah


Fried Eggs with Baby Oysters


Chiu Chow Delicious Combination

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